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Is nothing what it seems anymore?

Sam Frantz pointed me to an article about Project 21, an purported organization of African-American conservatives. Perhaps they really are what they claim, but one has to wonder.

"Black Conservative to Rebut NAACP Leader's Remarks in C-SPAN Interview," read the press release from Project 21, an organization of conservative African-Americans.

I had read in Reuters that Kweisi Mfume, president of the NAACP, had called groups like Project 21 "make-believe black organizations," and a "collection of black hustlers" who have adopted a conservative agenda in return for "a few bucks a head."

So I tuned into C-SPAN with interest to hear what a leading voice in the black conservative movement had to say. But then a funny thing happened: the African-American spokesperson for Project 21 caught a flat on the way to the studio, and the group's director had to fill in. And he was white....

Project 21 is a subsidiary of the National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR), which... was formed in the 1980s to support Reagan's military interventions in Central America. NCPPR's leadership — president, vice president, executive director — are all white. Amy Ridenour, former Deputy Director of the College Republican National Committee and the organization's president, also sits on the board of Black America's PAC, an organization that claims to be nonpartisan but whose IRS filings state that its mission is to elect Republicans.

NCPPR's directors are also all white....

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