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Blogger trouble

I haven't been able to login to Blogger to post entries since 10 February. I'm certainly not the most regular of posters, but when I want to post, I want to post NOW! Grrrrr!

The problem I've been having is perfectly described by one of the symptoms listed for Login Difficulties? on the Blogger Help page: Continual prompting to login. But none of the suggestions there, including those under Last Resorts, seemed to help. I was getting the same thing on different computers, with different operating systems, with different browsers.

Until today, when I discovered an entry from yesterday on the Blogger Status page:

As a result of new code pushed last week, a couple of bugs have been introduced which affect a small number of users.

  • some will get an error page when clicking on the name of their blog from the Dashboard
  • those with long usernames will be unable to log in

We are working on fixes for both problems now.

How long a username qualifies as "long"? Mine in 9 characters. I don't consider that long. I'm still having the same trouble today using Firefox, but I am able to log in using Internet Explorer (Boooooo!). That's why I'm able to post this entry. The next thing I'll do is enable posting by e-mail.

In making this post, I learned that Blogger's spell check tool does not recognize 'Blogger' as a legitimate word. How strange is that?

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