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Drug Discounts for All Pennsylvanians on All Drugs at All Drugstores

A fellow technical professional I met last night at Philly–TPNG was handing out cards that provide any PA resident with discounts on all prescription drugs at all pharmacies in PA. I quote from a follow-up e-mail he sent to the group today:
This is a FREE program for the residents of Pennsylvania and it provides an alternative pricing option for prescription medicines.

If you are interested, please go to and register for your own FREE card and take that card to your pharmacist so they can register your Group and ID number. Then, when faced with a charge for a prescription medicine that you think may be higher than you would like to pay, ask them to let you know what that price would be under the PA Drug Card Program.

I am part of the Pharmacy Business Development team who are getting the word out to all Pennsylvania residents that this program is available to us all for FREE. The program is expected to provide a discount off of the retail pricess of over 16,000 medications in the range of 10% to 75%.
While this doesn't help me immediately (I'm enrolled in a plan that allows me to mail-order 90-day supplies, which are cheaper than the 30-day supplies offered under this plan), it appears to offer savings potential to anyone who is not covered by a prescription plan and even to some people who are so covered, as the discounted price might well be lower than the co-pay.

The website also provides links to a medication pricing calculator that will show the nearby pharmacies at which the drugs you need are cheapest.


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