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Surprise! Interesting SPAM

Almost every day I go through messages that get automatically filtered into my Junk email folders on my various accounts. I do this because I want to make sure I don't miss any that shouldn't be considered SPAM and to report such things as I am able to, like phishing attempts. Today, as I was doing this, the subject of one such message caught my eye. My first impression was that it was one of those ridiculous penile erection enhancement products. But then the phrase "Make Any Man Need You" jumped out at me. I found it amusing. Maybe you will too. [By the way, I've replaced all the links so that clicking on them won't take you anywhere you might not want to go.]


If you've ever felt a man is lying to you ...
Or wondered why it is that a man can absolutely ADORE you one moment,
and then have him vanish the next ...

Or if you've ever been HURT by a man's fear of commitment, wishy washy behavior,
or wandering eye in the past ...
And now you can never really feel SAFE in his arms, because you know men can grow bored,
stray, and CHEAT with no warning at all ...

Then I NEED you to know:

You are NOT alone.

Relationship confusion and anxiety is everywhere.
Yet, what if you could 'rainwash' any man to be REPULSED by the thought of cheating,
straying, or building a future with anyone else but YOU?

What I love about this video is that it teaches you how to literally 'reset' any man's
thoughts and feelings towards you from the inside ...

To have him so utterly focused on you he can't even think about other women ...

To have him dreaming of you ...

Missing you when you're not around ...

And craving and desiring you CONSTANTLY, like a love-addled teenager with a crush ...

Watch it now .... learn the 'reset' ... and SEE his behavior change.

I hope you like it as much as I did : )


Luis A. Ashley

P.S. The reason most men run hot and cold is because women don't
understand how to 'reset' his mind to make him NEED to commit:

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